why i am an atheist

October 29, 2008

I thought that I would never blog again until my guilty pleasure index stumbled across the Hilary Duff – Reach Out – Official Music Video Premiere.

This video represents all that is wrong with commercial pop music/videos in 2008:

1.) oversampling—instead of reworking a hook, she Winona Ryders every note.

2.) singer/actress.

3.) heavy handed sexing up of image to revive fading career.

4.) song has already been covered and released as a relatively high profile single within the past ten years.

4.) a remake that completely vomits upon what made the original great (simple but not stupid lyrics that were slightly sarcastic and just sensual enough). source material hypothesized Priscilla Presley’s relationship to hubby Elvis and by extension all lovers who overglorified their partners; remade material is devoid of insight and nuance beyond “i’d really like to fuck this guy, i mean hey! imma fuck this guy”.

5.) lacks reference to the Macarena-like line dance that flourished in the streets mid-nineties roller rinks whenever the Depeche Mode version played.

Worst of all, it’s kind of catchy.

(I’m back.)